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"Hay Amores" by Shakira  (Colombia) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


There are not many people in the world who do not know Shakira. But did you know that she is Colombian, and was a Spanish-speaking pop superstar for a decade before releasing her worldwide hit "Whenever, Wherever"?  


Here, in memory of the beloved Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez (known affectionately as "Gabo"), who just passed away in Mexico City on 17 April 2014, here is the ballad Shakira sang for the soundtrack of the film version of Gabo's adored novel,  "Love in the Time of Cholera".


 marc-anthony-300.jpg"Valio la pena" by Marc Anthony (USA - Puerto Rico) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Marc Anthony is well-known as an actor, television and music producer and singer-songwriter. He is a phenomenal singer and one of the best-selling tropical salsa artists ever. Get ready to dance and practice your Spanish with this energetic salsa song!



celia-cruz.jpg"Te Busco" by Celia Cruz (Cuba) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Known as "the Queen of Salsa", the Cuban singer Celia Cruz was certainly one of the most respected and loved singers in the Spanish-speaking world. "Te Busco" is a beautiful bolero by Celia, featured memorably in the final scene of the Australian film Lantana.


 armando_manzanero.jpg "Adoro" by Armando Manzanero (Mexico), featuring Placido Domingo (Spain) Spanish lyrics and English translation


Armando Manzanero is a beloved Mexican composer and singer of Mayan descent. This beautiful performance, which Armando sings in tribute to his grandmother with the help of legendary Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, beautifully demonstrates the magic that can be created when the two universal languages - love and music - are combined in a magical setting.



joearroyo.jpg "Rebelión" by Joe Arroyo (Colombia) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Known as "El Joe", the Colombian singer of Salsa and Tropical music was one of the greatest performers of Colombia. There is a soap opera based on the singer's life called "Joe, The Legend". El Joe is certainly missed and remembered by not only Colombians but many followers of Salsa and Tropical music around the world.



gardel.jpg "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel (Argentina) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Carlos Gardel was a famous Argentinian tango singer who wrote several classic tangos. You will probably recognise the melody of the iconic "Por una cabeza", as it is easily one of the most widely known tango songs. It was famously featured in the dance scene between Al Pacino's character and the young woman in "Scent of a Woman", and in numerous other films.   


juan luis guerra.jpg"El Niagara en bicicleta" by Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican Republic) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Juan Luis Guerra is one of the most internationally-recognised Latin artists. He is most well-known for his style of merengue and bachata music, though he does not limit himself to one musical genre. He has won numerous Latin grammy awards.



cafe tacuba.jpg "Como te extraño mi amor" by Café Tacuba (Mexico) - Spanish lyrics and English translation 


This well-known Mexican band actually took their name from a café of the same name. The group has experimented with many different musical genres. 




"Estar enamorado" by Raphael (Spain) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Raphael has entertained us for more than five decades with his distinctive, flamboyant style. A much-loved Spanish singer and actor. 








"La Tierra" by Juanes  (Colombia) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


Juanes is an internationally acclaimed best-selling singer-songwriter and peace ambassador. Influenced heavily by rock, he started his first band, Ekhymosis, in 1988.


He has won numerous Latin grammy awards and, aside from his very successful music career, is also known for his humanitarian work. His foundation "Mi Sangre" ('my blood') assists landmine victims.



nat king cole.jpg

"Perfidia" by Nat King Cole  (USA) - Spanish lyrics and English translation


It is not only Spanish-speaking artists who record in Spanish. Recognising the immensity of the Spanish-speaking market, many best-selling artists -

    from Frank Sinatra to Bon Jovi - have recorded their hits in Spanish.


Here is the popular song 'Perfidia', written by Alberto Dominguez, performed by the much-loved artist Nat King Cole. 



"Mariposas en la panza" by Santiago Cruz  (Colombia) featuring Fonseca (Colombia) - Spanish lyrics and English translation.


Both Santiago Cruz and fonseca are songwriters and singers. Mariposas en la panza - Butterflies in her belly, is a beautiful song that belongs to the genre of "Bambuco" originated from Colombia.


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