The curly moustache

Spanish phrasebook with audio


Be as enthusiastic about Spanish as the authors' 2-year-old daughter:



The curly moustache is a 55-page PDF phrasebook full of useful and essential phrases and sentences in Spanish. It also includes audio, which has been designed especially to include both female and male speakers, and speakers from both Spain and South America (specifically, Colombia), giving you access to a range of voices and accents to improve your Spanish skills.


Divided into 10 key chapters on topics including "The essentials", "Getting Around", "Eating and Drinking" and "Vocabulary for fluency in coversation", this handy phrasebook has got you covered! Plus, you can be assured that if you have any questions, your emails will come straight to us—the authors—and we super excited about helping our valued Curly Moustachians!


The-Curly-Moustache Baby In Frame


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