Specialists in English–Spanish translation for business

Red English was founded in 2008 by Louise and Julian Correcha, and began operation as a provider of English and Spanish language coaching services for professionals. Over the years, the company has evolved to focus on English ⇆ Spanish translation projects, Spanish learning materials, as well as business and technical writing and editing through Hummingbird Writing.


We specialise in English ⇆ Spanish projects, utilising Louise and Julian's combined linguistic experiences, skills and expertise. Louise is a native speaker of English, proficient in Spanish, with an academic background in linguistics and more than 20 years of experience learning and teaching the finer points of languages, and Julian is a native speaker of Spanish proficient in English with significant experience translating in legal and business contexts. Both have a deep knowledge and understanding of the target languages and the professional process of translation, ensuring they can offer a unique and personalised service in which translation projects are completed as scheduled and with the highest quality outcome.


Louise Correcha

Louise Correcha

Hello, I'm Louise. My journey with languages other than English began when I was 16 and spent a year living as an exchange student in the Czech Republic. I became fluent in Czech, started learning Spanish through Czech, and discovered a talent and love for languages.


My life since then has revolved around languages, whether through my studies in linguistics and Russian (with a stint at Moscow State University), to my professional training and experience working as an English language teacher and coordinator of adult language and literacy programs. I then went on to co-found Red English with Julian in 2008 and deliver private language coaching and training for several years before moving into technical documentation, editing and copywriting across fields including engineering, resources, renewable energy, IT and marketing.


As current head of technical and business writing at Hummingbird Writing, I write and edit business documents such as case studies, reports and manuals, and I complement this with co-authoring Spanish-learning resources and translating business and technical documents through Red English.


I literally live, love and breathe languages. As a translator, I think deeply about each choice I make and apply my linguistic, writing and editing expertise to ensure thoroughly professional, quality translations.


Julian Correcha

julian correcha

Hello, I'm Julian, and I'm a native speaker of Spanish. I'm a proud Colombo-Australian, born and raised in Colombia, South America and living in Australia since 2001.


I have translated English ⇆ Spanish documents in the fields of law, biotechnology, business, pharmaceutical, medical and marketing (for Australian law firm Maurice Blackburn Commercial in the commercial litigation of Biotech Biota V GlaxoSmithKline), and market research (for Gapbuster Worldwide), as well as technical, legal and financial documents as a freelancer and through Red English. I recently translated Danielle Ross Walls and Louise’s book Working Mums, which is soon to have its Spanish-language release.

I have worked with the Spanish-speaking communities of Spain, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Peru, and the English-speaking communities of Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, and the USA.


I am also a legal Human Rights professional and advocate and a traveller with an in depth knowledge of the Spanish-speaking language and cultures. Having worked in both the public and private sectors in both Colombia and Australia, and lived in both countries for long periods, I have extensive knowledge of the different vocabulary and structures used throughout the English and Spanish-speaking worlds.


I have been a member of the online community and workplace for language professionals, Proz.com, since 2007.



"My experience with Red English has been a positive one.  I have found the company to be very professional and organised. Elisha, Melbourne"
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