The Curly Moustache Spanish phrasebook

The Curly Moustache Baby In Frame

Perfect as an introduction to Spanish, this phrasebook is packed with key phrases to increase your knowledge of whole sentences and phrases useful in daily life in a Spanish-speaking country. There's a small guide to grammar, but the focus is on listening and learning key sentences to help boost your fluency quickly. Narrated by native speakers from both Latin America and Spain, to ensure you are exposed to different varieties of Spanish.


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The Spanish Kangaroo Spanish course

The Spanish Kangaroo ipad miniA more substantial, course covering the basics but also the logic behind the language concepts, enabling you to have a deeper understanding and mastery of the language, including some of its variations across the Spanish-speaking world. It also contains tips to help you be a more effective language-learner in general. You'll receive 16 weekly emails, each containing a PDF lessson with explanations and exercises (great for those who like to print out each lesson and compile a physical study folder), and an audio file for each lesson.


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Spanish through songs

The Spanish Kangaroo ipad mini

It's no accident we learn much of our first language through nursery rhymes - learning through song is simply one of the best ways to retain key phrases and structures in a language, as well as learn about the culture of the people who speak it. Knowing popular musical artists and the lyrics to their songs in Spanish allows you to join in and connect with Spanish speakers, whether through singing the actual songs together or just being able to understand cultural references in conversation. So, we've created some fun worksheets to help you learn songs popular across the Spanish-speaking world.


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