If you are on the journey of learning Spanish, immersion is very important and a key factor in improving your Spanish language skills. 


If you haven’t booked that trip to any of the amazing destinations the Spanish-speaking world has to offer, you could still immerse yourself in Spanish. Don’t tell yourself that you need a certain level before you can read a newspaper or listen to a song, the news or a movie – that’s just not true! The earlier you jump in, the better. Just immerse yourself in Spanish for at least the 10–15 minutes each day, and enjoy yourself! Comprehension will come. I can guarantee you that not only will you improve your Spanish, you will discover and learn about the new, beautiful, inspiring and interesting things that the Spanish world has to offer.


My Australian mother-in-law started learning Spanish when she was 62 years old. When she used to try to read an email from my Mum in Colombia, she would struggle to understand even a few words – now, she flies through the emails and only needs confirmation of a few words here and there. It was perhaps when she went to Spain that she truly realised that people really use the Spanish language to communicate, and  that she had to try her Spanish skills to be able to communicate with people in some places.  She has since travelled to Colombia and Mexico, and she keeps improving her Spanish language skills.


We certainly recommend immersion as probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your Spanish skills. If you are attending a Spanish class, you could certainly complement that with a Spanish course online such as The Spanish Kangaroo, so you could hear different accents, practice, review some knowledge, and learn much more. For more ideas and tips check our previous blog ‘Learning Spanish online – Taking your Spanish to the next level’ and ‘The best ways to learn Spanish’. Remember that Spanish is not a destination, it’s not a race, it is a journey.


We hope you are having fun on your personal journey of learning Spanish.


Julian Correcha – The Spanish Kangaroo




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