I am a migrated professional who has to write higher-level professional documents as a part of my duties.  Even though I have experience writing documents in English, my writing skills still needed improvement.  However, I did not have an understanding of what areas of my writing needed improvement.


I found Red English as a result of my search for an English coach.  Louise Correcha was the appointed coach from Red English for my lessons.  She was able to find the areas which needed improvements and tailored the lessons accordingly.  She provided me valuable material, did some online assessments, and gave exercises, which helped to assess my standard and to improve my writing skills.  At the end of the lessons, I was confident of writing documents and writing became more interesting to me.  Further, she advised me on the process I should follow for further improvement. 


Louise is a very passionate coach and the sessions were friendly and professional.  I feel that I gained valuable knowledge on writing.  I strongly recommend Red English.


Vijitha, Professional Engineer


"Technical writing and editing — Australian engineer and technical writing colleague
Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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