I chose Red English in order to develop my presentation skills within a medical professional setting, especially for debating with my colleagues.


I practised through talking and discussing certain subjects with my teacher.  She always encouraged me to express myself in an academic manner. She frequently found good resources not only regarding English conversation but also technical medical topics, and suggested to me how to use them effectively.  So, I was always able to get the best resolution. 


The time and place for the lessons were flexible, and it was so easy to manage during busy times.  After completing several courses, I became confident and felt comfortable to talk with my colleagues in English.  I am fully satisfied with the lessons that Red English provided.  Therefore, if you are committed to improving your English level to be excellent and want to create new possibilities in your own area, Red English is highly recommended.


Kumiko Orimoto MD


"Technical writing and editing — Australian engineer and technical writing colleague
Working with Louise, I was impressed by the depth of her knowledge of the rules and conventions..."
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